Besedka 0.3 release with some convenience features

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Happy Friday!

I have just released Besedka 0.3 with an important convenience update, which was meant to ship with the initial release, but I never got round to doing it.

This release adds a modal dialog with a list of unreviewed comments, which can be opened by clicking on the orange notification bell by the side of the moderation controls. This is only available to moderators and will only be visible if there are any comments that need your attention.

The unreviewed list of comments reuses the same code as the normal comments so all controls - edit, approve and delete are still there. Messages are gouped by page with a link to it and are scoped to the current site (or config). This makes it super easy to review all comments for the site from a single place.

Let me know what you think in the comment section below 👇!